Why Join KLSE Analysis

The Malaysian stock market is a small market compared to the NYSE or the Nasdaq. Nevertheless, over the years it has brought a lot of wealth to those who invest in its stocks.


It is true that wealth can be created in any stock market in the world.

In the past 2 years, I had my fair share of analyzing Malaysian stocks for friends. What I found out was the same technical analysis principles that apply to the US Stock Market applies to Malaysian stocks as well.

Here are a few reasons why you should join the KLCI and KLSE stocks analysis.

Unbiased Technical Analysis

While opinions can differ with regards to a stock, technical analysis offers us an unbiased way to view a stock. Charts are imprints of the actions of market participants and they do not lie.


You can often see heavy volume and large price movements in a stock. This reflects the interests and activities of market players.

I do not offer my opinion on a stock based on stories but on analysis of price action and trends. That way we can be more objective with what a stock is doing and likely to do in the future.


When you combine technical analysis with your own fundamental analysis, it could give you an extra edge.

Spot Trends In A Stock

What trend a stock is in is very important. Stocks tend to go up in price when they are in an uptrend. So is your stock in an uptrend or downtrend? In these analysis we seek to find out the trend of the stock.

Highlighting Chart Patterns For You

Chart patterns can often be used to spot possible big moves in a stock. One thing that repeats itself in the Malaysian stock market or any market for that matter is the emotion of fear and greed.


The collective fear and greed of market participants are reflected in chart patterns.

Market participants tend to be the most optimistic before a crash and they are often too pessimistic before a super rise.


Sometimes a stock can meander around being so boring but the next moment it breaks out and rises dramatically.

In these analysis I seek to highlight important chart patterns that may be developing so you can take the correct action.

A Different Point Of View

Whether you are someone new to the stock market or an old hand that has seen everything, you will benefit from seeing things from a different point of view. That is why wise and experience people like to read lots of books. Leaders are readers.

In the midst of the heat of the battle in our stock, we may not be able to see things clearly. This often happens when a huge amount is involved in our holdings.


That is why it is beneficial to see things from another person's point of view. You may just have missed out on something that the other person could see. And what you miss can often be the difference between a profit and a huge loss.

Bottoming, Trending Or Topping?

In order to navigate the markets and a stock, you need to ask yourself 3 questions. Is the market or your stock bottoming, trending up (or down) or is it topping out?

Charts can often give us many hints that a stock is bottoming, trending or topping.

  • If a stock is bottoming, you might want to get ready to buy

  • If the stock is trending up, you ride it up or buy more

  • If the stock is topping out, then why would you want to buy?

In these analysis I seek to highlight to you as often as possible whether a stock is bottoming, trending or topping. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from it.

Some Sample Analysis

Below are some sample analysis of what I do.

Multiple Time Frame Analysis

As you can see from the sample above, you can see the daily chart and weekly chart being analyzed. Sometimes I do the 60 min charts as well.

This is what we call multiple time frame analysis. Looking at different time frame allows you to see things from different perspective. A higher time frame can give us hints of turning points. A lower time frame can also tell us the likelihood of the stock changing directions.

Sample KLCI Analysis

If And Might...And Probabilties

If you are a frequent reader of my work you will realize that I often use the words... "If and might". I do not say it will rise or fall. It is foolish to tell the future of a stock. There is no 100%.

What I do is to show you a probability based on the trend and price action of the stock. Market participants should operate on a probability basis rather than certainty.

One should only invest or trade a stock when there is a high probability that the stock will go up.

The Important Question

So now comes the important question.

How much will it cost you?

I actually went and ask my Dstockmarket Telegram Chat Group Members what is a reasonable price and I found the answers ranging from RM 15 to RM 100 per month.


I am not willing to short sell myself but the needs of other people should be considered.

My member also say Malaysians are not willing to pay. I thought about it and found that to be true.


But then again why do people dabble in the stock market and are willing to lose thousands of RM but not willing to invest in a bit of premium services? LoL

Anyway, whether something is good or not is for you to judge. Which is why I will offer a 14 day free trial to new members. If you are not satisfied, just contact me to cancel it. No questions asked.

Let's start with a price of USD 12 or about RM 50 per month, shall we? The price of a nice meal somewhere in KL.